What they say about us

In this page You can find some reviews by Companies that collaborate with us and that trust in our work.

We have been asked not to publish the names of the people and of the Holdings because of Corporate Privacy, but we wanted to share with You their opinions just to help You to know better our reality.

“Since 2004, date of our foundation, we have been working with MarmoinoX for provision of caps feeders, with full satisfaction.
During these years we came into contact with other competitors of MarmoinoX and for curiosity we tried to look into their realities to value their potential utilization.
Apparently, there could have been an initial cost saving, but the risk to have problems and/or  sub-optimal provisions made us retrace our steps.
With MarmoinoX we have a partner  able to manage specific change situations that are in progress, without getting us in troubles.
Sometimes there could be some more personalization from their part, but we are sure they can work on this.
Till today, we recommended MarmoinoX to a lot of our customers and collaborators and we don’t see any reason why not to keep doing it.
The service that MarmoinoX offers is optimal, so…keep on going this way!”

Chief Executive Officer
Italian Company operating in the Beverage Field

MarmoinoX provides machines with an optimum technical design and it is always at disposal of its customers to satisfy their specific requests, facing them in an open and constructive way.
The execution of its machines is always on a high level, both from the point of view of the commercial parts used both from the point of view of the parts realized internally.
MarmoinoX is a well-organized company, both in the design both  in the execution.
It is able to deal with customers’ requests, even the custom-made ones.
In MarmoinoX, people are always willing to help You, they are open, polite and capable of serving You.”

Head of Cost Calculation and Offer Preparation
Italian Company operating in the Beverage Field

“MarmoinoX offers an high-quality service as regards timing and content.
The service is flexible in facing the requests and rationally deals with every issues.
The products we bought have very accurate finishing and have an optimum quality-price connection.
The product is valid and the personnel is polite and willing to think positively while facing critic situations.”

Purchasing Dept.
Italian Company operating in the Beverage Field

“The service offered by MarmoinoX is serious and trustworthy.
There’s always been willingness and collaboration between our companies and MarmoinoX staff has always been prepared during pressing situations..”

Purchasing Dept.
Italian Company operating in the Beverage Field